The Only 10 Places For Sanitizer Dispensers In School That You'll Ever Need

Cleaning and disinfection to help stop the spread of Coronavirus is an integral part of reopening schools. 

As a school administrator it is important to take note of the following 3 points:-

  • Develop cleaning and disinfection plan for students and staff safety
  • Implement the cleaning and disinfection at school
  • Maintain and revise the health and safety plans at schools

Here is a 10 pointer guide to help you identify the high traffic areas in your school and the kind of safety solution that you can implement there

Infographic For School Administrators

10 Places For Sanitizer Dispensers In School

1. Entrance

School entrance is the best place to put a freestanding foam sanitizer station. A sanitizing station at entry and exit points at a school campus shall ensure healthy hygiene habit among students and staff.

2. Reception

School reception is perhaps the highest traffic area in your school. A portable desk sanitizer and also the free-standing sanitizing station at the school reception can be effective in promoting hand hygiene

3. Classrooms & Lecture Halls

Keeping the students and staff safe during the pandemic is on your priority list. A wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser at the entrances of all classrooms and a portable desk sanitizer at the teacher's desk can portray your school in the that implemented the effective cleaning and disinfection plan for staff and student safety.

4. Lunch Rooms & Cafeterias

freestanding sanitizing station at the entrances of school cafeterias and lunchrooms will be a good solution to everyone who visits it.  

5. School Gym

Your school gym deserves greater attention as people will sweat out here. Effective sanitizing practises inside the gym is important to ensure that its users remain as safe as possible. Wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispensers will be an effective solution at your school gym.

6. Washrooms/ Bathrooms

Wall-mounted sanitizer dispensers in washrooms are a must. Apart from the usual soap and water method of washing and sanitizing hands sanitizers at the entrance/exit of washrooms will be a good idea to ensure safety. 

7. Library

Portable desk sanitizers at the library can ensure the safe reading zone for library users at school.

8. Computer Room

Wall-mounted sanitizers at entrance/exit of computer rooms and a portable desk sanitizer at the computer station can give provide a safe environment for users.

9. Teachers Lounge

wall-mounted sanitizing dispenser and a portable desk sanitizer will promote hand hygiene among your staff members and make them feel safe at their workstations.

10. Art / Music / Workshop Studios

Yet another place for students and staff to interact, the art room, music rooms, and any other special areas dedicated to learning must have a sanitizer dispensing unit. Wall-mounted sanitizer dispenser in these special learning centres will promote student and staff safety.


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