INFOGRAPHIC! Is Your Organization Safe? 11 Places To Install Sanitizer Dispensers In Your Organization

A safe workplace is a challenge that most office managers are trying to overcome! Employee health safety is critical to running a productive organization. 

At Guardian, we came up with a quick reference Infographic for office managers to keep it handy.


11 Places To Install Sanitizer Dispensers At Workplaces

1. Entrance Doors

The office entrance the first place to put a free-standing sanitizer station. A sanitizing station at the entry of office premises shall ensure healthy hygiene habit among your colleagues.


2. Reception

The office reception desk is perhaps one of the highest traffic areas. A portable desk sanitizer and also the free-standing sanitizing station at the office reception is effective in promoting hand hygiene. 

3. Washrooms

Wall-mounted sanitizer dispensers in washrooms are a must. Apart from the usual soap and water method of washing and sanitizing hands sanitizers at the entrance/exit of washrooms will be a good idea to ensure safety. 

4. Conference Rooms

While one must not forget to enter a boardroom without a face covering, it is good to have a portable desk sanitizer for your big conference table and a wall-mounted sanitizer dispenser at the entrance of a boardroom.

5. Lunch Rooms

A wall-mounted sanitizing station at the entrances of cafeterias and lunchrooms will be an effective solution to everyone who visits it.   

6. Meeting Rooms

Just like the boardrooms, meeting rooms with a wall-mounted touchless automatic sanitizer dispenser will be a great choice. Don't forget to wear your face masks here too :) 

7. Workshops

Plenty of foot traffic happens in factory workshops. A wall-mounted automatic sanitizer dispenser at the workshops will serve its purpose and promote hand hygiene among everyone present there.

8. Shipping Counters

Shipping counters also experience heavy traffic and also involves touching a lot of physical products. A wall-mounted touchless sanitizer dispenser for your employees in the shipping department will help in maintaining hand-hygiene.

9. Warehouses

Freestanding sanitizer dispensers at warehouse facilities will give you the flexibility to move it around and do not block entrances or exits. 

10. Cashier Counters

Holding cash, payment cards, products, paperwork, dealing with customers, a cash counter executive does a lot of work to make your clients happy. A portable hand sanitizer and a freestanding sanitizing station at the cash counters offers an effective solution. 

11. Backdoors

Office backdoors installed with Freestanding sanitizing stations will be useful of anyone who uses the backdoors for entry or exit.



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